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Southern Stitches Machine Embroidery Monograms and Designs are always hand-punched, never auto-digitized. Hand punching designs is a very time-consuming process, but yields designs that have attention to detail and precision. As a hand-embroiderer, I want to make sure that my machine designs look as close to hand-created as possible. I am constantly creating new and unique monograms that can't be found anywhere else! My monograms are different from the rest because I spend a great deal of time creating them from the ground up. My fonts are either hand-drawn or hand-traced, then scanned into my computer, where I bring them into my software and hand-place every single stitch. I make sure my fonts (and other designs) all have proper underlay stitching, as well as the finished stitching on top. Many of my fonts are created from Vintage monograms made for hand-embroidery. Included with my machine shadow work is a PDF instructional, a step-by-step thru the process from start to finish. There are a few more steps to creating this type of design and the time is well worth it because the end result is a gorgeous shadow work design that looks like you spent hours creating it by hand!

All machine formats are included for this instant download. After ordering you will get a separate email with your download links.

Belle Anne Monogram is a unique monogram set that combines shadow work with satin. This set includes 2 fonts in 2 sizes, giving you 104 letters!  Shadow work monograms are 3.5" and 2.5". The Satin Center Monogram are sized 3.5" and 4.5". A special PDF instructional file is included showing how to create the machine shadow work and how to combine the letters to create a monogram.

Shadow Work Fancy Bows Monogram set. This gorgeous set includes all uppercase letters in size approx. 1.75". This is just the perfect size for infant & children's items, hankies, or women's blouses. The set includes 2 frames to fit the letters and 4 bows (1 bow is in 2 sizes) Bows & frames are created to work with the letters and also will perfectly fit on the back of "Brer Rabbit's Button Bonnet" (ePattern available).

Holly Shadow Work Monogram is another unique monogram set that includes 2 full sets of this beautiful font. The center letter measures approx. 3" and the outer letters measure 2.5". You can combine to make a 3-letter monogram or use just one letter. The beauty of this monogram set is that you can use it year round since one entire set doesn't have the holly.  Included is a PDF instructional file with step-by-step instructions on creating my shadow work machine embroidery.

Such a gorgeous classic Script Monogram in shadow work by machine! The shadow work takes a fraction of the time to create by machine than from being done by hand! As a hand embroiderer, I create all my machine shadow work as close to looking like it was done by hand as possible. Special attention is made to the under-stitching to give that hand-done herringbone stitch look!

You can use the center letter on it's own, or combine Left-Center-Right and make a beautiful 3-letter monogram! There are 78 letters in the file. Outer letters measure approx 1.5" x 2..25" and Center letters measure approx 1.5" x 3.5".

Included is a PDF step-by-step instructional!

Instant Download after order!

More awesomeness is coming soon!

More awesomeness is coming soon!

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