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SS The Trendy Gown - Maternity & Nursing Hospital Gown

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Product Details

THE TRENDY HOSPITAL GOWN (Scroll down for pattern & video)

Sizes Included: S/M (4-6-8) and L/XL(10-12-14)

Gown Features:
The gown opens in the front and snaps on the shoulders and down the back. The front opening allows for easy access for monitoring devices that may be attached to the belly while in labor. During delivery the gown is easily opened in the front so that the baby can be placed on the mom’s belly without messing up the gown. After delivery the crossed front can tie to either side and allows for easy access to breast-feeding. The snap up back keeps everything modestly covered while a laboring mom is walking halls, and is also easily accessed for an epidural. This gown really lends itself well for any woman, not just OB patients, although it was designed specifically for maternity and nursing.

This is a digital ePattern and an instant download!

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