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iSmock Basic eBook

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The iSmock Basic is a PDF Handbook of basic smocking stitches for the beginner and intermediate smocker with step-by-step color photographs & video.

This beautiful 43 page guide includes 155 color photos, 5 embedded videos, step-by-step instructions and a smocking plate! You must have an active wi-fi to view each of the videos in the eBook, but everything else is viewable anywhere at anytime without a wi-fi connection. Download the eBook to your iPad or other electronic device and open in Adobe Reader or iBooks. A perfect companion to reference smocking stitches while you work on your smocking project! Zoom in on pictures to see detail of a particular stitch! All the basic smocking stitches are covered in this guide along with variations of many of the stitches.

This is the perfect guide for someone who wants to learn how to smock or for those who want to perfect their smocking stitches.

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