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The Heirloom Collection




  1. a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.

One of my most valued and treasured heirlooms is this gorgeous lace gown that my grandmother is wearing. This lace gown was found by my mother and her sister after my grandmother passed away. It was neatly wrapped in tissue paper, tucked away in one of her clothing drawers. No one knew anything about the gown, nor who it belonged to until they found the family portrait of my grandmother wearing the gown. My mom and aunt gave me the gown and I began a huge process of drafting a pattern and recreating the lace gown. The result became a cover story in Sew Beautiful Magazine, issue no. 106

One of my favorite things to do is create heirlooms from vintage pieces and vintage patterns. The Heirloom Collection includes heirloom and vintage-inspired handmades using French Heirloom Sewing Techniques. This small batch collection of handmade heirloom garments are for infant thru toddlers and all will be vintage-inspired from actual vintage garments or made from actual vintage patterns. Some may have classic embroidery elements, such as Peter Rabbit. All items are buy it now and ready to ship! More heirloom garments coming soon and will be added as collections are created!

The Vintage-inspired Heirloom Dress

This darling Vintage-inspired White Dotted Swiss dress was created from a vintage design. I was honored to test stitch out this hand-drafted pattern for an article in Sew Beautiful Magazine. My original design was featured in issue #112, entitled "Ecru Elegance".

This dress features gorgeous 100% white cotton dotted swiss, tucks, entredeux and lace edging on the neck, sleeves and hem. Hand embroidery with either shadow work Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle Duck or sweet bullion flowers is available.


Slip Features: White, Pink or Blue Slip with white hand embroidery and shell hem on neck, arms and hem!


Available in size 12m, 18m, 2T, 3T or 4T

These are ready to ship! Specify color and size. Extra slip is $35


Heirloom Baby Quilts


An heirloom baby quilt is the perfect keepsake gift! Our baby quilts are gorgeous! High quality 100% cotton.

Size: 46" x 36" and are available in several choices of color.

 Quilts can be ordered with a monogram or blank - please specify choices when ordering. Specify your monogram in the ext box provided. I can use any color thread for the monogram and most often on the color edge quilts I match the thread to the color.

Heirloom Christmas Bib

This Heirloom Christmas Bib was featured in Classic Sewing Magazine's Holiday Issue of 2017.

It is more than just a bib - it's a gorgeous heirloom to add over any garment! 

This bib can be ordered as a completed item or in a kit

Custom-made Heirloom Bonnet, Bib and Booties Set